Belly Fat – Causes and Cures

belly-fat-jpgAbdominal fat or belly fat is the most common type of obesity which is also known as spare tire, visceral fat or pot belly.

Belly fat is equally found in men and women and is most difficult to get rid of it. Not only it affects one’s appearance but also brings a lot of underlying problems such as elevated levels of cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure which may lead towards heart disease or stroke and triglycerides in the blood.

Causes of Belly Fat

Belly fat can be an outcome of various factors. Some of the major causes of belly fat are as follows:

Apple-body and pear-body are the two body types. When and fat accumulated in the abdomen and middle portion, it forms apple-shaped body and it is common in most of the people. You are an easier victim of belly fat, if anyone of your parents has apple-shaped body. On the other hand, fat is stored in the lower parts of body in pear-shaped body.

Belly fat can be resulted in the consequences of stress, according to the researchers. Cortisol hormone is released, when anybody is under stress. Cortisol triggers the storage of fat around belly. Moreover, hunger is felt when we are stressed and we start eating which leads towards excess weight gain.

Improper Eating Habits and Indigestion

A lot many gastrointestinal problems are the outcomes of over-eating and improper digestion which may lead towards bloating and gases. The habit of late-night eating is can also disturb the proper digestion of food. In addition, going to bed right after taking meals increases the risk of fat accumulation around the abdominal area.

Slow Metabolic Rate

Slower metabolism allows less burning of calories and excess storage of fats around the belly.

Inactive Lifestyles and Lack of Exercises
If you are leading a lazy or inactive lifestyle, you should beware of that it can lead towards obesity and accumulation of fats around your belly.

Use of Alcohol

Alcohol increases obesity by slowing down the rate of metabolism. Furthermore the calories which are obtained by excessive alcoholism are often accumulated around abdomen.

Poor body Posture

Improper or poor posture of your body can lead you towards ‘pot belly’ or apple-shaped body.


Due to hormonal changes many women tend to store fat around the belly after menopause. It is one of the major causes of belly fat in women.

Cures of Belly Fat or

Measures to Reduce Belly Fat

There are a number of steps which involve in the process of reducing belly fat. By acting upon these, you can cut your belly fat and become smart and healthy again.


Fat needs oxygen to burn and oxygen is the requirement of aerobics. So it is a best option to add 3 to 4 days of aerobics for at least 30 minutes in order to cut your belly fat. Once, you get adjusted with this routine, try to add more minutes in your aerobic workout. You will be surprised to see changes in your stomach and other areas of your body.

Balanced Food Choices to Lose Belly Fat

Choose some fat burning and metabolism boosting foods. Try to add more vegetables, fruits and fiber in your diet. A balanced and nutritional diet, which burn calories rapidly, by stimulating metabolic rate, should be adopted as a lifestyle in order to shed belly fat and lead a healthy and smart life.

Minimize Your Stress

As stress is one of the main causes of belly fat so, you should try to reduce your stress by exercises. Other good options are stretching   exercises, deep breathing exercises and relaxation therapy sessions.

Get Proper Sleeps at Night

In addition to the above, you should take proper sleeps at night which do not let the excessive insulin to be accumulated in abdominal area.

Abdominal Exercises

And last but not the least, you should focus on your abdominal muscles and adopt some good abdominal exercises in order to shed your belly fat off.

Belly Fat – Causes and Cures
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