Brain exercise failed to provide desired results.

brain-exerciseComputer games and advertised web side are incapable to ward off the mental decline in the comparatively healthy old people, the researcher said while studying brain exercise program.

“These kinds of products have no advantage in the social daily life of intellectually active people. There are some other more productive things which we can do to achieve the desired results.” Dr. Peter J. Snyder said.

Brain trainings are well known to help patients of memory lose but whether these works in measurable cognitive impairment is still unclear. Astonishingly, the market of these products has bulged from 2 million dollar to 225 million within the three years.

Researchers analyzed ten different studies to evaluate the benefits of cognitive training for the healthy seniors. The approaches of the studies vary from cyber-games to piano lessons.

Researchers found that some brain trainings have immediate effects on the people related to the completion of task, but there was no evidence that the brain training affects other aspects of the mental function and showed weak, long-term benefits.

Results don’t mean that such trainings for brain are useless in the treatment of memory problem or these can’t sharpen the mind of healthy old people. But the engagement in intellectual and social routine life, from reading books to playing with children, has provided better results.

Researchers also noticed that the routine, mild physical activity keep cognitive function smooth. It has proved that type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases cause mental decline. Physical activity helps to maintain weight and heart health in other words, brain health, researchers said.

Brain exercise failed to provide desired results.
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