Breast Cancer

Breast CancerBreast cancer is a kind of cancer that starts in the breast where the lining of milk ducts or lobules in breasts get affected. Usually there are 3 different types of breast cancers that can happen with separate stages in them. They can be different in their genetic make up and even in their aggressiveness of growth. There are about 98% disease-freeing treatments in case of breast cancer, where patients can heal themselves with the appropriate medication, care and treatment. It can be treated through chemotherapy and radiation, even through surgery or even drugs. Sometimes alternative therapies along or without main line of drugs have cured breast cancer completely in differing individuals.

In the US about 216,000 cases of invasive breast cancers had been reported in the year 2004 among which 40,000 deaths took place. Now the relative number in which breast cancers take place has lowered. Even death rates have reduced massively and among most other cancers that occur, breast cancer is fairly easy to cure and show high chances of success. Breast cancer also happens as the most common type of cancer after lung cancer. But the death rates regarding breast cancer have been relatively slowing down when it gets treated in the early stages. 2004 itself caused 519,000 dates in the whole world. It is a misconception that breast cancer only happens in women. It also happens in men and the survival rates are still equal when a person has this cancer which gets treated at the right time.

The 4 wider groups of breast cancer would have to be classified according to their roots and purposes. So there are:

Pathological Reasons

Grade of tumor

Protein and gene expression status

Stage of tumor

These above factors determine and classify the kinds of breast cancer that may occur and the way they are going about it. Pathological classification of historical as well as microscopic anatomy analysis creates the different criteria and states of breast cancer.

The grade of tumor happens to be analysis of the tumor gets determined in its status through the pathological aspect of developing breast cancer. It is to find the historical grade of that tumor with the normal tissue in the rest of your body, in comparison. There has to be a differentiated high grade tumor with that of a moderately graded tumor. All these happen according to pathological tests. These differentiations can be effective in treatment of the disorganized cells. Therefore these tests are really important to make the cancer treatment successful and give it the proper treatment.

All cancer treatment has to go through tests that make it possible to understand the protein and gene expression of the developing tumors or cells. So these tests are done for protein and gene expression tests in order to understand the expression, estrogen receptor, detectable effect, the progesterone receptor, HER2 or neu proteins, etc. These are also used in the determining of the immunohistochemistry and then reproduce the right treatment your way. These tests thus give a prognosis with the help of a proper oncologist. These tests are also done in the further future of the treatment to see where the test results are being led to.

The stage of a tumor is also determined through the TNM classification. The Metastases in the breast area and lymph nodes and the way it is offering its stretch or contraction are known through these tests. So these stages of tests are important during the treatment of mammary gland cancer.

Breast cancer always comes through a range of histological appearances. Thus they can be defined and classified into their inflammations, carcinomas condition, extension of cell damage, etc. Therefore these pathogenic conditions determine where your cancer is going and whereby it can lead into healing and a more positive state of health. With the future changes in observation the medications are directed that way.

Breast Cancer
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