Colorectal Cancer More Common Among Vegetarians

colorectal-cancer-jpgUK researchers found that vegetarian diet could help to prevent caner. By reviewing data of 52,700 peoples, researchers analyzed that those who eat more vegetables have lesser chances of cancer than the people who eat meat.

But shockingly, researchers found the greater cases of colorectal cancer in vegetarian people which is a disease already associated with the red meat eaters. The findings were surprising, team of researchers stated.

It’s a general recommendation, that people should eat four to five servings of the fruit and vegetables to prevent cancer and other serious diseases but almost negligible studies looked at the effects of vegetarian diet.

For the study, researchers divided the participants into four groups, vegans, vegetarians fish-eater and meat-eater. The ratio of cancer was lower than the expectations among the general population, during follow up. The reason was the good health condition than the average group. The incidence of cancer was the lower most in the fish eater group but meat eater and vegetarians groups were comparable.

But in case of colon rectal cancer the incidents were the greatest in the vegetarian than the other group. These findings contradicted the previous findings linking with the red meat eating.

“No study has analyzed the vegetarian diet like this before and there are a lot of confusions about this issue. It suggest that the among vegetarians and fish eaters other cancer ratio is low. It doesn’t affirm that the vegetarians are safe from colorectal cancer and it has forced us to think about the facts of meat,” study leader Professor Tim Key said.

Colorectal Cancer More Common Among Vegetarians
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