Health Tips: Understanding Pre-Diabetes

health-tipsFirstly, one must understand what the condition of pre-diabetes is and how does it affect people. Diabetes is currently one of the biggest health conditions to affect people all over the world. In these junk food times, it isn’t very surprising considering the unhealthy lifestyles that people lead in terms of diet, exercise and a numerous other vital factors. This condition of pre-diabetes is more like a nutritional disorder which affects millions of people in the United States.

There are  many symptoms of pre diabetes and some of the major ones are as follows.

  • Layers of fat around the waist
  • resistance to insulin
  • craving for sweet food
  • continual feeling of tiredness or fatigue.

This is a serious condition but definitely curable if detected and treated on time!

There are many ways in which you can detect and subsequently treat this condition permanently.

  • See a doctor if you realize that you might be having pre-diabetes and get a glucose case done. This will confirm whether you have the condition or not. Following the results of the test, your doctor can guide you regarding the the future steps that ought to be taken.
  • Create a proper diet plan and eat only substances that will alleviate and not aggravate the condition. Eat low fat protein based substances like chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and onions. Avoid food like potatoes, corn and white bread.
  • Exercise daily because this helps you to build up muscle and burn blood sugar and fat. This helps you to lose weight. Start off with walking as that is the best form of exercise. Also, exercising daily will help you build up more stamina. Thus create a daily exercise routine for yourself.
  • Add extra dietary supplements to your normal diet. These go a long way in battling the condition. These supplements are called nutraceuticals and are herbs, vitamins and minerals, which keep you healthy and help to keep off the condition. Take supplements like alpha lipoic acid, chromium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, magnesium and/or biotin.  But always remember to consult your doctor before you do so.
  • Make changes in your general environment. See if you are getting enough sleep, try to reduce the levels of stress in your lives and take a good look at your living conditions around you.
Health Tips: Understanding Pre-Diabetes
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