How heart tackles Anger, Irregular Beat Explains

heart-beat-jgp-1A recent research has revealed the mechanism of heart to foretell an anger spike which may result in irregular heartbeat. Since, a long time aggression and depression have been regarded as a threat to develop heart disease.

The new study seems to complement this concept. When as an experiment some patients, implanted with defibrillators, were asked to recall an infuriating episode, in the meanwhile the doctors were counting their EKGs (electrocardiograms). During this process, some patients were found with EKG variations similar to irregular heartbeats which can be detected during a routine heart check up by doctor. Patients who are on medication like Effexor could also resulted in variants during routine checking.

The same thing is done in cardiac arrest in which electrical system of heart functions unpredictably and heartbeat suddenly stops. And a prompt electrical shock by a device defibrillator is needed for the survival.

It’s a fact that there is an obvious connection between the brain and heart but this is still a mystery that why brain sends these negative impulses to heart which directly affect the cardiac cells. Anger reducing techniques are also under study to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest in the patients with irregular heartbeats.

Research is unable to answer whether anger or negative emotions have the same effects on healthy people or just confined to the cardiac patients. Moreover, can it be able to predict anger spikes in many more patients?

How heart tackles Anger, Irregular Beat Explains
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