Hypoglycemia Damages Brain

brain-jpgThe researchers of Edinburgh University found that a poor control of blood glucose may have many deep impacts on the brain and leads to a poorer memory of brain.

In type 2 diabetes patients often suffer severe episodes of hypoglycemia in which blood sugar level drop very low level that is dangerous and affects the brain.

The study includes the 1,066 diabetic patients 60 to 75 of age. These volunteers were examined to test the brain function by assessing their logic, focusing power, memory, etc.

The performance of 113 people, who have had hypoglycemic episodes in the past, was very poor as compare to their peers.

In England alone, there are above than 670,000 people who are diabetic and among them quarter have the increased chances of hypoglycemic episodes.

Dr Jackie Price, the lead researcher explained: “it is not easy to for certain, either hypoglycemia reduce cognition or cognitive decline make it hard to obtain optimum level of sugar that lead to hypoglycemic episode.”

“We are conducting more research to found that, apart from these factors is there any other factor that causes the both hypo and cognitive decline.”

In some researchers view this study seconds the previous study which concluded that uncontrolled blood sugar interfere with brain functioning.

In UK 2.5 million people have already been diagnosed with diabetes and 500,000 people are still unaware of their disease. This number may reach up to four million till 2025.

Hypoglycemia Damages Brain
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