People ignoring tan jab warnings

tan-jab-warnings-jgp2From the reported new cases, researchers are concluding that the people are paying no heed to the repeated warning about the tan jabs. Ignore

Warning has been announced about the use of melanotan I and II, which has been reported to damage cardiovascular system and the immunity. Michael Evans-Brown said, instead of any improvement the situation is worsening.

He and his colleagues have already received the report of continues illegal jabs of needle exchange. Melanotan, a synthetic hormone, used to enhance the production of melanin pigment that gives color to our skin.

The use of this hormone has been associated with the health problems like hypertension, nausea and facial flushing. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is trying to stop sale of the product, since the report was delivered that some website and tanning shops are selling unauthorized treatment, last year.

Up till now, FDA hasn’t proved the drug for any kind of treatment so the sale and purchase of this drug is illegal, but apart from it, the users of this drug are increasing day by day. Michael Evans-Brown said, recently more than 30 syringe exchange teams has met him in relation to this issue.

He also highlighted the websites where information on the regular use of this drug is available.

“Needle exchange teams are asking for solution. They have never come across the situation like this before. But the user must have to keep one thing in their mind that they are putting their lives on risk just for a tan.”

People ignoring tan jab warnings
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