Several Antenatal Supplements have Insufficient Iodine

iodine-jgp-1A study on the multivitamins, taken during pregnancy, has revealed that most of these are deficient in Iodine as they mentioned on their labels. And this lower ratio of Iodine can affect the process of brain development. Unfortunately, a large number of brands those mentioned Iodine as a constituent on the labels of prenatal vitamins, are found with the lack of declared amount.

Dearth of Iodine can expose the babies, in the womb, to the major risks of hearing and speech troubles and in severe cases; it may cause mental retardation and can effect the normal growth. The recommended amount of Iodine intake with other vitamins is 150 micrograms per day, for the proper functioning of thyroid hormones- essential for the brain development in fetus.

The research also viewed the nature of Iodine ingredients, whether it is from natural sources as kelp or from salt like Potassium Iodide. It is also noticeable as the lower amount put the unborn on risk, the higher percentage can also cause greater damages, especially in the women who already face thyroid problems.

The food supplements which have the Iodine in the form of kelp contain more than enough Iodine while those with Potassium Iodide have an average level of iodine.

So it is suggested, on the base of this study, women should take Potassium Iodide containing prenatal multivitamins rather than those with kelp.

The researchers, however, urged the responsible authorities to notice this problem because there is no law that requires a vitamin manufacturer to include iodine in prenatal vitamins.

Several Antenatal Supplements have Insufficient Iodine
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