Sugary Beverages cause more Obesity then Solid Food

sugary-beverages-obesity1In weight loss regime, what you drink is more than what you eat according to the findings of new research, which explained that sugary drinks cause more obesity than the solid food and cutting back of these drinks greatly help in the reduction of excessive weight.

Consumption of calories from liquid beverages has equivalently risen with the obesity epidemic in the United States.

“This study seconds the national policy and public health measures to cut down the use of high sugary beverages, in the common population” researchers concluded.

The study, involving 810 adults, showed that, what difference can be created in just 18 months by the cut short of the high calories liquids.

Researchers classified the usual drinks into seven groups on the basis of calories and nutritional value; sugary or regular beverages, diet liquids, milk, fresh fruit juices, tea and coffee including sugar, coffee and tea without sugar and beverages which include alcohol. Sugary or regular beverages were on the top in generating the calories among all the drinks.

Researcher found that only staying away from the sugary drinks one can reduce the 0.5 pounds in eighteen months. In the analysis of all the beverages, only sugar-sweetened beverages were associated with the weight loss and reducing just one serving can reduce the weight up to 1.4 pounds in eighteen months.

The findings of this study exactly support the recommendations of low sugary beverages use to avoid excessive weight gain.

Sugary Beverages cause more Obesity then Solid Food
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