Further studies proved, alcohol cause cancer

alcohol_woman_jpgA study on almost 1.3 million women reveals and provides more evidences, that moderate intake of alcohol increase the risk of cancers. Researchers examine the women at breast cancer screening clinic and analyze their health during the last seven years

Only 25 percent women reported no drinking at all, rest reported the roughly three drinks a days. Then researchers evaluate the risk of cancer in light drinkers; two or lesser in one week and regular drinkers.

Researchers found that each drink per day increase the risk of cancer of digestive system, liver and breast. No matter what type of alcohol, wine and beer you take, excessive drinking of all types is harmful, researchers added.

Previous studies have founded that drinking was linked to digestive system cancer, in the cases of smokers. Moreover, mild to moderate drinking actually had a very low risk of thyroid and renal cell cancer.

The overall risk of cancer with alcohol is lower in women. In the developed countries 118 women out of 1000 develop the above mentioned types of cancer and added one drink daily increase the eleven cases of breast cancer and four other types.

“You have to maintain a balance among all those things out. This sort of information is useful and important for people to know and to consult with their health care provider about the various possible risks about the cancer they could develop.” said Dr. Philip J. Brooks, who researches alcohol and cancer at the National Institutes of Health.

Further studies proved, alcohol cause cancer
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