AIDS – deadliest disease in China

aids-in-china-jgp-1For the very first time, AIDS has killed the highest number of people in China last year. Local media has reported that, till the nine month of September 6,897 were died because of AIDS.

The media and health ministry, both are unable to explain the sudden rise, butthe reason behind is the slow acknowledgement of the disease. The number has almost get doubled from 2005.

WHO and UNAIDS representatives pass on comment on the report. China, in the past, has denied the AIDS is a critical issue for it because of the low death rate due to deadly disease. But the current leaders are quite concerned about the situation and paying attention toward the screening and the free treatment for the poor.

Chinese are still avoiding the HIV tests and according to the estimation of UNAIDS and government the actual number of HIV cases in China would be close to the 700,000, that is much higher number than the reported number of infections.

AIDS had announced as the third deadliest disease in China in the year 2005, officials said. Now, it has become the first followed by the TB, rabies and other infectious diseases.

AIDS is more common in the rural area where newborns easily get infected through umbilical cord. The economic development that has forced migrant workers to move towards the developing cities and rising prostitution also adding fuel to fire.

According to the government figures 34,864 people have died because of AIDS since 1985, when the first case was reported.“Unsafe sex and overhauled drug abuse have become the main reasons for the elevation of the HIV infections.” health authorities said.

AIDS – deadliest disease in China
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