Healthy Menopause Diet

menopause-diet-igp-123At the time of menopause it is important to follow menopause diet. Menopause diet is nothing but a balanced diet that contains assured types of foods while giving up some other foods.

If you are women, age about 40 – 50, it is very important to make changes in your regular diet. Menopause is also called as change of life.

Menopause is a particular time for women when her period stops, because women’s ovary stops producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Menopause can give several illnesses. So it is very important to follow healthy diet.

Healthy Diet for Menopause

There is no need to follow this diet if you are already following the healthy one. If not it is important to have good diet consisting fresh and whole foods, fruits and vegetables. But you should make some changes in your menopause diet like daily eating style and weight gain. Moreover you have to be very careful in avoiding heart disease and cancer. You can follow the simple diet as follows.

  • It is better to avoid junk foods. It should not take place in your menopause diet. You can consume junk foods occasionally.
  • It is better to have whole grain bread, pastas, breakfast cereals and rice. Looking for junk foods think about cakes, burger buns and biscuits.
  • Avoid high-energy foods like cheese, because it contains calorie and fat in large portion. Consumption level of meat, dairy foods and cheese should be low, because the level of saturated fat is high in those foods.
  • Having fresh foods instead of processed food is more advisable. Starch meals are suitable for healthy menopause diet.
  • Make a habit of consuming more fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. Sliced apple on cereal, and for snacks carrot sticks are advisable, for teatime you can have biscuits with dried apricots. It is better to take salad in your lunchtime.
  • Usage of vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, collared greens and kale should be very high.
  • Looking for rice, brown is better than white. Participation of soluble fiber in your menopause diet is must.
  • As you know drinking lot of water is good for health, so drink plenty of water and avoid coffee, tea, colas and alcohol.
  • It is important to consume boiled and baked food in spite of fried, and beans and lentils are good menopause diet.
  • Use olive oil, wheat gram oil, canola oil and flax seed oil for cooking instead of processed oils. White bread is not suitable for diet, it is better to have whole wheat bread, wheat germ and oats.

Vitamins for Menopause Diet

  • Like calcium and minerals, vitamins are also very important to your menopause diet. It is advised to have plenty of seeds and nuts, bananas and whole grains. The availability of vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is high in the above said foods. It helps to prevent heart diseases and osteoporosis, and also it decreases the depression.
  • Mushrooms and Soya beans are recommended diet for menopause, because they help to reduce menopausal headaches. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin helps a lot in menopause diet, which we can find in kidney and liver.
Healthy Menopause Diet
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