Antibodies Cure Bird Flu and Various Influenzas

anti-bodies-jgp-11Immune system proteins can act as a shield by successfully neutralizing various types of influenza including the deadly H5N1 avian flu. The researchers are hoping to develop lifesaving treatments that can cure these fatal infections.

When scientists exposed mice, having various kinds of influenza, to these antibodies, they were surprised to notice that the antibodies not only neutralized the seasonal viruses but also the rare and aggressive strain H5N1.

This discovery is very important to cure influenza because these viruses are difficult to treat due to their regular mutating nature while hidden in hemagglutinin and neuraminidase proteins. Once they entered in these lollipop-shaped proteins, they continuously alter and give” H” and “N” designations to influenza A strains.

Immune system proteins are given the name monoclonal antibodies because they assault only one precise target at a time. This was observed that the mice with H5N1 avian monoclonal antibodies was injected these antibodies, and it cured from the fatal influenza, although three days have been passed.

To check whether these antibodies cure all types of influenza or effective in only certain kinds, the researchers tried almost every strain of influenza. But they could not find these antibodies to mutate and run off.

The doctors said that these antibodies should be used to develop new drugs for the cure of different strains of flue without any hesitation as these antibodies have been formerly used in cancer therapy.

Antibodies Cure Bird Flu and Various Influenzas
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