Awareness reducing Use of illicit drug

otc-drugsThe kids are now paying more heed to their parents’ words about the adverse effects of the drugs, a new study reported.

Parent s are openly discussing the issues of drug addiction with their children especially girls which are more eager to grasp the words. Now, with the prevalence of the awareness, about the harmful effects of the drugs, kids are more aggressively discussing with parent than the kids of the past, said Steve Pasierb.

In an annual survey, the number of kids, who stated that they are learning a lot from their parents’, raised from 32 to thirty seven percent compare to the last year. This is the first highest increase in the last 15 years.

“We were optimistic that kids who teach from their parents are less likely to use drugs than the kids who don’t get information from home,” Pasierb said.

The use of marijuana (the most common street drug) and methamphetamine has been reduced among the teenagers up to 30 and 40 percent, since 1998, respectively.

Parents discuss almost all types of drug range from alcohol to heroin with kids. Researcher also noticed that only 24 percent parents had discussed prescription drug abuse with children in comparison with 78 percent for pot and alcohol.

But the use of prescription drug likes painkiller and other OTC drugs was remain the same, parents think that it’s not an issue rather it’s safer than the illegal drugs.

Awareness reducing Use of illicit drug
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