Blood Production is Possible with Stem Cell

red-blood-cellsResearchers of UK are going to attempt an experiment, whether embryonic stem cells can start the production of human blood. The next three years of experiment may compensate the unlimited supply for emergency.

In the IVF treatment scientist will test the stem cell and make them to generate O-negative type of blood. This blood group is the safest type of blood that can be transfused in case unknown blood group of patients or unavailability of the particular group. The person with O- negative blood group can be considered as “universal donor.”

This is a very precious blood type as just 7 percent of the world population belongs to this group. All countries of United Kingdom are intended to support this multimillion-pound project.

The lead researcher Professor Marc Turner said those stem cells are the type of cell which can made any type of human tissue. Within next week, after approval from relevant departments, research will enter into its first phase.

Scientists are confident that these stem cell of human embryo have the tendency to develop into human blood cells in the lab. U.S. researchers have already developed billions of red blood cell from the embryo and the next phase is introduction of the technique in the hospitals, which may take up to the years.

“We have to prove what we thought within next few years but the actual implementation of the technique may take ten years. But after the success we can easily fulfill the need of blood transfusion,” researcher said.

Blood Production is Possible with Stem Cell
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