Causes and Diet Management of Anemia- Iron Deficiency

anemiadietIron deficiency is the main reason for anemia. Iron plays a major role to form hemoglobin in blood. It is possible to see nearly 30 percent of iron in ferritin and hemosiderin in the liver, bone marrow and spleen.

Reasons for Anemia

There are many reasons for anemia, and the major reason is by iron deficiency. The below mentioned are some of the major reasons for anemia through iron deficiency.

Physical change

It is very important to the increase the necessity of iron and red blood cells to maintain the changes in our body while growing and during pregnancy.

Blood Loss

It is possible to see the maximum level of iron in the blood. So automatically loss of blood can cause iron deficiency, and iron deficiency leads to anemia. Menstrual bleeding, GI bleeding and blood loss thru injury are the major causes for blood loss.

Low iron foods

It is advised to increase the intake of foods that contains iron in high level. Normally we can able to get 1 milligram of iron from 10-20 milligrams of iron supplements.

Irregularity gastrointestinal strip

It is usual that we will experience iron mal absorption after some kind of gastrointestinal operations. The upper small intestine is the major absorber of the iron. If you find any deviation in the GI region you can easily come to a conclusion that you are suffering from anemia.

Indications of anemia

You can easily identify the iron deficient anemia through many indications, but the indications will vary person to person. The following mentioned indications are some of the common iron deficiency anemia like development of heart rate, engorged spleen, bad temper, fatigue, unusual fading in color and a wish to taste some typical stuff like ice or dirt. It is possible to experience some other blood related problems from the indication of iron deficient anemia.

Treatment for iron-deficiency anemia

It is important to take treatment for iron deficiency anemia only after the suggestion from the experienced physician. Your physician will give the treatment based on your age, health and medical background, reason for anemia and stage of the anemia. You need to accept medications and therapies. Apart from the above it is possible to treat with the below mentioned treatment also.

Iron enhancement: It is advised to consume maximum iron supplements for a long period that can protect. It is important to consume the supplements along with orange juice in an empty stomach to develop the amalgamation.

Diet with maximum iron: You can also have foods that contain iron supplements in high level to avoid anemia. It is advised to consume the foods like meat, leafy green vegetables, yeast, legumes, poultry and fish. The participation of iron in the above-mentioned foods is very high.

Causes and Diet Management of Anemia- Iron Deficiency
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