Classic recipes – a big source to put on lard

classic-food-jgpResearchers have unveiled an unnoticed part of our diet – cooking recipes which we try often, without paying attention to their serving sizes and their caloric value. A careful study compared the old recipes with the new ones and found an increase in calories per serving, estimated about 40 percent increase in ratio with 77 extra calories.

It is surprising to notice the ingredients remained same but no of portions have become smaller gradually in such a way that one cannot usually notice this change which appears slight, resulting in high fat level in the body.

The research pointed out the common trend of considering home made food safer than at restaurants or anywhere outside, unknowingly the fact that the preferred food becomes a source of rich calorie diet.

The question arises, why people have developed the habit of over eating and taking of diet having high caloric value? A number of reasons answers this question, first of all the food is available at a cheaper cost as compared to income, giving chance to the people to replace vegetables or low calorie food with meat , cheese and other sources of fats. Secondly, they pay no heed to the calories contained by the food they cook at home.

This high calories density is alarming in its results, as much of us are fallen a prey to it. It can be controlled by lessening the portion size in diet and using the half ingredients than those are mentioned in the recipes.

Classic recipes – a big source to put on lard
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