Common Reasons for Root Canals, How Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

dental-treatmentDentists are among professionals whose services are normally ignored by most people only to discover their importance when you have a toothache. If you make an effort of seeing your dentist regularly for checkups, then may be you have just avoided the root canal therapy or have had one. Visits to your dentist will help keep in check most of the dental problems and once in a while general cleaning of the whole mouth by your dentist can prevent tooth decay.

Root canal is a common occurrence and once it is discovered, it is better to prevent it from spreading and causing more harm, perhaps even making you lose the tooth or a couple of them. But root canal is something that can easily be treated by dentists through the root canal therapy. Patients normally experience pain from the affected tooth and those who have had a tooth ache will tell you that this is not one of the best experiences.

Common reasons for root canals

Root canals can be brought about by tooth decay which leads to pulp damage. Damaged pulps are the major causes of tooth aches and pulps that are damaged beyond repair leave the root canal therapy option inevitable. Pulps easily get damaged by bacteria as a result of decaying matter on the tooth. Once the tooth is left to decay for a long time without being stopped, it gets to the root canal.

Damaged pulps can also be as a result of fractures in the tooth perhaps through falling or other accidents that are so severe they end up damaging the pulp area of the tooth. Tooth fillings have also been known to contribute to root canals and this happens when you fill the same tooth time and again. Without correct medical attention, the affected tooth becomes weaker and weaker and the bones too are eaten up so that it cannot stand the pressure any more hence the dentist has no option that to get rid of it.

How root canal therapy is performed

Pain from the tooth when touched, pushed or during chewing is one sign that the tooth is infected and needs to be treated. Others are discoloration or inflammation of the tooth. Root canal therapy is the treatment given to such a tooth and is normally performed by qualified dentists.

Normally after the dentist is sure that of the affected tooth and area through X-rays, you would be given an anesthetic to reduce the pain but in essence you wouldn’t feel any pain since the nerve tissues around the affected tooth are already dead anyway. The damaged nerves are removed by use of special tiny files and the dentist may use water to remove any remaining particles from the area that if left might be harmful afterwards.

Depending on the level of infection, the dentist fills up the tooth using antibiotics and may put a crown over it to protect it as well as the fillings. Root canal therapy should not be painful but just a little discomfort may be felt.

Common Reasons for Root Canals, How Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?
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