Critical Illness Insurance

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You might be wondering about critical illness insurance – perhaps you don’t know what it is. We shall give you all the details, in this article.

Well, critical illness insurance is usually used to pay for the out-of-pocket expenses (medical deductibles and co-payment, out-of-network costs, experimental treatments) as well as hidden costs like child care expenses, travel to the treatment center, or even compensation for loss of a family member’s income from time off.The critical illness insurance money is given as a lump sum, when someone is diagnosed with a serious illness – like perhaps a heart attack. It can be used at the discretion of the policy holder, and it gives the person financial protection.

Critical illness insurance makes things a whole lot easier, for a person who is sick, and it is really quite affordable if you purchase it from your workplace. In fact the insurance payments can be less than the price of four premium cups of coffee in a month. You could try group critical illness insurance, which is a low-cost complement to disability and medical plans, like high deductible health plans. Basically critical illness payments help to pay for the deductibles associated with major illness like a stroke, or a heart attack.

When you are critically sick, you need to take time off from work – the Family Medical Leave Act allows relatives to take time off from work to care for their loved ones, but unfortunately pay is not guaranteed. However, the lost income can be covered by critical illness insurance, for the prevalent illnesses than fall under FMLA absences. Now there are new types of group critical illness insurance, which give you additional coverage for stay in the hospital, without regard to a specific illness.

Critical Illness Insurance
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