Do You Know About Troublesome Sleep Disorders?

sleep-disordersThere are many types of sleep disorders and most of the sleep disorders are very dangerous such as Familial Insomnia. There are chances to fall asleep while in important conversations, during meals or even while operating some heavy machinery. Sleep disorders can cause heart diseases and high blood pressure. Sleep disorders are capable to make you snoring and drowsy. It is possible to find many types of disorder ranges from very typical to usual ones.

It is better to go through the below information to know about the sleep disorders.


This kind of sleep disorder is common and most experienced by everyone. Sleep disorder is the main reason for angry and depression. This will really affect your capability to solving the problems, sex drive and alertness. If you are experiencing it for long time, it is very important to look after. Most of the medicines have a tendency to addict you and doctors will not prescribe you easily.

It is possible to avoid insomnia by going to bed on exact time, avoiding alcohol, sleeping in good temperature and good rooms and the most important is try to avoid exercises and excitement before going to sleep.


This is the most incapacitating disorder, and it leads you to fall asleep while eating and walking. You can also experience unexpected loss of muscle control. If you observe any of the symptoms it is better to visit a doctor and get suitable treatment. The usual medicines prescribed are Dexedrine and Ritalin and also you can have some antidepressants.

Sleep Apnea

If you are snoring loudly while sleeping and irritating the people around you, it shows that definitely you are suffering from the sleep disorder called sleep apnea. The main reason for sleep apnea is the blockages in the airways due to the muscles of the upper throat.

The supply of oxygen to heart and brain becomes less. If you are suffering from the sleep apnea it is easy to find out by the following symptoms like headaches, wheezing at the night, abnormal heart rate and memory loss that can eventually take you to stroke or heart attack and absentmindedness. This will affect most of the overweight person, so it is important to reduce the weight to avoid this problem. It is better to consult a doctor to get rid of this problem.

Deadly Familial Insomnia

This is the most dangerous among the other sleep disorders. The major reason for this problem is bad proteins. It affects and destroys the part of thalamus, which is most important to block the sensor input while sleeping. You will become alert all the time and it is not possible to get sleep even by the drugs. This problem cannot be treated and till now there is no treatment found for this problem.

Do You Know About Troublesome Sleep Disorders?
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