Do You Know That Some Of Your Common Behaviors Are The Major Causes For Your Disorders?

bihaviour-disordersIf you watch people around you and talk to your family doctor about the victims of the patients suffering with heart, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, back pain and stress or insomnia diseases, their wrong life style would be the major cause.

This may not be for every one, but to the majority. So, why don’t you think about your faulty life style and get them corrected for better life and health? What are those common behaviors? If you have the habit of drinking alcohol, reduce it then slowly stop it. You can also have a visit to rehabilitation center if you could not stop it with your self control. Then stop taking items like tobacco which is major cause for the cancer.

It affects your lungs if you are a smoker.

Do you know the major diseases that can cause death?

Pneumonia, Cancer, Accidents, Heart Disease, Stroke, Respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Kidney disease and Diabetes are the major diseases that can cause death. In this list now you can also add AIDS. Many African countries and under developed countries are badly affected. It is mainly due to not having proper health awareness. Accidents can not be said as a disease, but most of the accidents are due to our carelessness or some of the activities like speeding up, drunken driving and talking in a cell phone etc.

How can you get away from your old behaviors?

Simple, if you have the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol, stop it. Do not start it again, otherwise, there is no meaning in stopping it.

Make a plan for doing regular exercise. This will not only improve your health and stamina but also tune your mind more in a positive way. Exercises like yoga, walking and playing games too will be of great help. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. They contain more vitamins, fiber and minerals. This will help you to keep your body and mind healthy.

Do You Know That Some Of Your Common Behaviors Are The Major Causes For Your Disorders?
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