Emergency Health Care Calls for Attention

emergency-health-care1A new health care analysis unleashes the poor deliverance and inactivity of the emergency health care. The issue raises high concerns about the alarming findings and needs immediate action to preserve emergency care especially in the case of emergency as it is thought to be the lifesaving aid.

In the consequences of this health care analysis strongly condemned the inefficiency of emergency health care and called it handicapped to deliver proper health services to public and deal with any natural or terrorist disaster while on the other hand,US citizens have complete faith on emergency health care and believe, it should be provided to them whenever they want and call for it.

But the facts and figures show that it’s unable to meet the needs of an emergency.

It seems very critical that the number of emergency departments has turned down by 14 percent since 1993 regardless of the high increase in the number of people visiting to get treatment. The analysts laid stress on the crucial need to increase the surging capability in emergency health care during a disaster or when there is a demise of any seasonal virus like flu or cold.

One of the researchers who conducted the analysis has drawn the attention to another serious aspect of emergency medical service which is the need of an emergency specialist along with the quick delivery of emergency care. Some specialists become reluctant to attend an emergency case having unstable and sicker condition because of the higher malpractice insurance rates and higher liability. As a result of these threats various specialists refuse to offer emergency care and leave certain states to avid any bad circumstances.

The report also add up the aspects of quality of care, essential steps to avoid injuries and maintain public health in such a way that there would be no need of emergency care along with the climate of medical liability in states.

Emergency Health Care Calls for Attention
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