Enjoying Glorious Summer

delightful-summerSummer is a great time to catch up with friends and family. If for some reason you are worried about the heat then you should have some tips to make use of and enjoy the beauty of delightful summer as best as you can. One of the very first concerns of summer is the accelerating heat sapping your energy. But this would rarely be of any importance if you stay well hydrated. Summer is an absolutely no-no time for junk food. There is a reason why nature provides so much fruits in tropical regions and why we have plenty of summer fruits.

The plethora of fruits is there for us to replenish glucose in our body naturally and give ourselves plenty of energy to renew ourselves. You can have plenty of fresh raw summer fruits, summer fruit juices and smoothies and stay the beautiful and vibrant summer beauty that you are meant to be. Your energy would be high and body would be buoyant with these light raw meals while you never feel bogged down in the heat. You will be surprised to find the huge amount of raw enzymes youwould be in taking and how great they make you feel from inside out. You will feel extremely well and be well adapted to the heat. In fact fresh fruits are going to keep your body temperature moderate and you will be satiated enough. There are some important tips to follow to fruits consumption however. These are:

Always try to have fruits mono that is one single fruit at a time and in empty stomach. This way you digest them better, there is no stomach acidity or confusion of various fruits sugars taking toll in your body. You can have as much of the particular one fruit you are having at a time. If you start consuming mono fruits you can have as much as you want for a meal and not require anything else. Have water before and after if you want to. When you are not feeling the taste to be good enough or up to your liking it is your body’s signal that you don’t need any more. Always listen to your body in this regard.

Never combine starchy fruits like bananas, mangoes, jackfruits, sapotes, dates, sugarcane, papaya, cherimoya, etc with citrus fruits or fat. In fact you should never be combining these high sugar fruits with any thing and they are best had mono or just one of them included in a green salad or smoothie. You should never combine them with citrus as these will give an acidic reaction.

You can combine citrus fruits with themselves and most other things. Citrus fruits are digestive and that is why we love our lemons in cooking and citrus salad dressings. You may also combine berries of different types for a meal or a dessert as these are relatively low sugar and most people’s bodies digest them well in combination.

It is possible to have a delicious fruity summer while remaining healthy, active and radiant inside out!

Enjoying Glorious Summer
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