Facial Rosacea Causes Complications if Overlooked

rosaceaRosacea is a chronic skin condition that appears especially on face. It is relatively harmless condition but put a profound effect on your facial beauty. This condition afflicts the vascular system of the face, if you have developed this condition; consult a professional dermatologist to avoid any complication.

According to the available statistics, over 45 million people from all over the world are being affected with this condition: America alone contains 14 million rosacea sufferers. Rosacea starts at the age of 30 to 60 especially in the people with fair complexion. Though men and women both can be the victim of rosacea but its frequency is three time higher in women than men.

The exact cause of the rosacea is still unknown, some researchers believe that it pass on in families some point out blushing, but researchers count these as contributing factors not the underlying cause. Thought rosacea is a common condition but it could cause complications if overlooked. It may lead to facial disfigurement, emotional distress and ocular problems.

From last four decades not much improvement have been noticed in the treatments of rosacea but now scientist have developed Pyratine XR that have proven result in rosacea and well tolerance. After the 48-weeks of trial, results prove that this product have the significant effects on all the symptoms of rosacea. After the trial, researchers notices that 80 percent of the participants showed great improvement, which includes lesion reduction up to 90 percent and reduction in redness 28 percent. Pyratine XR also improves the skin barrier function that helps to retain water and avoid dryness.

Common cleanser can also be very helpful to reduce rosacea induced swelling. However if the products are not providing the desired result or you find their efficacy not up to the mark, it would be the best to visit your skin specialist.

Facial Rosacea Causes Complications if Overlooked
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