Government’s Attempt to Ensure Health Overhaul to Everyone

barack-obama-jgp-1Government’s Plan-to ensure Health Overhaul for All

President Barack Obama put forward the idea of giving Americans the choice to get medical coverage through the government. The suggestion, advocated by Obama during his presidential campaign, would be the first time proposal of government-supported coverage, as a substitute of private health plans, to middle class families. By reducing the premiums up to 20 percent, this could make it more affordable to get health care services for the 48 million people who are far away from health coverage.

There is a mix reaction on this issue, insurers are feared of to be driven out of business due to this plan from government, and some think that it would be a step of government to takeover health care. But there is also a group who is in favor of giving this right to people to choose government-sponsored health care.

Obama is trying to sum up ideas from all sides and is of the view to answer all the uncertainties in this regard. He is aiming to pursue the opponents of the idea by clarifying that it is to give consumers more options and maintain the level of honesty in the private sector where there is a competition in this race. He wants to fulfill his commitment of preserving a health overhaul in which individuals, employers and the government share responsibility.

Such public plan for the middle class might be proved as the last push to the whole system in government custody.

Government’s Attempt to Ensure Health Overhaul to Everyone
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