Health Benefits of Green Tea

green-teaGreen tea is the most popular drink with excellent taste and health supplements. Green tea is not only a beverage; it can be used as a medicine. It is proved that more than thousand years green tea leaves contributed its benefits to the people.

Green Tea and Cancer

The recent research proved that the citizens of some particular region of China and Japan are risk free from cancer comparing to other people of the world. The major reason is that they consume more green tea comparing to other people.

It is possible to have more antioxidants in green tea to check or totally prevent the cancers and tumors. Green tea is a medicine to prevent cancer and it is better to drink green tea as substitute for other drinks.

It is common that there are sufficient antioxidants in all types of tea. In green tea the percentage of antioxidant is very high comparing to black tea and white tea. Green tea contributes a small portion in preventing the risk of smoking. You should be aware that no herb or medicine can prevent the risks of smoking; it is better to stop smoking to get rid off all the risk factors caused by smoking.

Prevailing Green Teas

You should be very careful while choosing green tea for preparation. It is advisable to select fresh and high quality tea. The antioxidants are very high in high-grade teas comparing to low-grade tea. To get best quality tea, it is better to order through online from merchants.

You should be very careful while purchasing the tea; the main condition is it should not be powdery. You can easily identify if there is some maltreatment. It is also possible to get jasmine flavored green tea. In flavor teas you can feel unique aroma and flavor. Consuming flavor tea is not much beneficial for health; it can be consumed only for taste.

Other benefits of Green Tea

You can see the participation of green tea in soap, lotions, shampoos and muffins also. It is possible to get the benefits of green tea in the form of applications. It is possible to have green tea in form of cookies and muffins.

If you are not interested in having bakery products, it is possible to convert the cookies and muffins into tea. Just crush the cookies and muffins and add some water, stir well and drink. You can apply green tea on your scalp and rinse after shampooing; green tea can be used as a conditioner. It really helps to strengthen you hair and avoids irritations on the scalp.

Health Benefits of Green Tea
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