Healthcare Officials Push for Vigilance on Child Medicines

medicine_cold-and-cough_jpgThe Medical officials of the Healthcare products Regulatory Authority UK strongly condemned the use of Over-the-counter drugs to children to cure cold and cough.

It was said in a press release that there is no any vigorous proof that many accepted medications worked well along with the side effects like allergic reactions, sleeping problems and sometimes it resulted in delirium. So, the usage of such drugs can’t be suggested for the children between 6-12 years old group.

They raised the issue on the basis of the routine practice of medical examination of the products which normally did not pay heed to check that the particularity of the medicine in children while they mentioned the use of these medicines on the labels.

Moreover, the agency condemned over-the-counter cold and cough medications for the treatment of children, assuming them as small adults. Rather they should be given the dugs those were secured and specifically made with the intention of children’s use.

Strict measures would be adopted in order to check the availability of these products mentioned with the clearer caution of the age group and the duration of the usage should not exceed to more than five days. Strengthen warnings should also be present on the packaging and labels.

Parents were also directed to adopt the natural remedies at first stage to treat their children’s cough and cold. It was also said that previous medications were not banned but they should be reviewed and clearly mentioned the age limit and their dose for children if found useful for them.

Healthcare Officials Push for Vigilance on Child Medicines
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