Healthy Breakfast

healthy-breakfastBreakfast is must to act actively throughout the day. It is not advisable to omit breakfast. It leads to low blood sugar, so do not start your day without sufficient blood sugar. Otherwise, you will lose your energy and concentration, so you are forced to have some snacks or fast foods to compensate, and it is not fair.

Breakfast is the starters of your day; it should be healthy and packed with whole nutrients, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, which can take you to till lunchtime with proper blood sugar level. The following breakfasts are really easy and healthier.

Bread and bakery

Whole grain bread is the best and simple breakfast. It tastes better than toasted bread. It is better to have bread with honey, low fat jam, peanut or other nut butter. Purchasing pastries and muffins from bakery, snack bars orcafés are not considered as the healthy one, because they may contain very high sugar and saturated fat and also packed with hydrogenated oils. It is better to prepare in home.



Coffee and tea are most common drinks loved by all of us. But it is not that much good for health. Instead of having coffee or tea you can have herbal tea, dandelion coffee or a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon to give a rapid start to the day. Hot water with a slice of lemon before breakfast is really works better through out the day.


It is a must to have cereals in your breakfast. You can get cereals in many varieties such as with sugar and salt with lower nutritional worth.  You can consume with oatmeal, seeds, whole grains, seeds and dried fruits, finally add fresh fruit.  To get better taste you can add soymilk, fruit juice or milk with cereals.


It is better to use skimmed or semi skimmed milk with drinks or cereals. Oat or soymilk substitutes are very enjoyable with cereals, because of its creamy surface. Live Yogurt is a best breakfast food. Select foods which contain low fat with nuts, seeds or fresh fruits.

Fresh fruit

It is best to drink a glass of fruit juice or shake made with fruits in your breakfast. While consuming cereals it is better to have some sliced fruits, it looks better as well as healthier. In summer you can have fruit salad for refreshment.


Porridge is the healthiest breakfast for all. It is not a difficult task to prepare porridge, if you spare 5 to 10 minutes you can even make a creamy porridge. Oats contain fiber, Vitamin E and B, iron, calcium and other minerals in high level. Porridge with milk is a good for women, because it has more minerals and calcium. To make your porridge even healthier you can add grated apples, nuts or raisins while cooking.

Apart from the above there are some cooking directions to follow:

Use olive or sunflower oil to fry instead of butter or lard; it is a must to stir all the oils before serving. To get crisper finish, you can slice and pouch button mushrooms in milk or water. Flat mushrooms can be cooked with little oil and bake with oven or grill.

Scrambled eggs are better than frying. It is better to have low salt bacon and sausages. Extract all the fat from bacon. Whole grain bread is better than white bread for breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast
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