Healthy Drinks for Kids

healthy-drink1It is common that dehydration will affect children without any prior symptoms. Normally we fail to notice that children would get thirsty while they are more concentrating on schoolwork, playing and in holidays. It is better to encourage them by giving more drinks in usual intervals. It is important to consume more liquid to maintain our body healthier and also to avoid the risk of kidney stones and stroke. Tiredness, poor concentration and damages in blood cells are the major results by dehydration. So it is very important to have plenty of liquid in regular intervals during the day.

There are some finest drinks you can offer to your children. Normally water and milk are considered as the best healthiest drinks for kids. Fruit juices and smoothies also can do better. It is better to avoid more sweetness in fruit juices and squashes, also avoid carbonated drinks. The following drinks can be considered as a healthiest one for kids.

Fruit Juices

Fresh fruit juices are highly recommended, and it should not be over sweetened. Avoid drinking the juices labeled as fruit juices. Because labeled fruit juices would contain only 5% juice and 95% of artificial sweetener to make the drink more sweetness. Even natural fruit juices, which contain less sugar can cause tooth decay. Fruit juices are highly recommended to have in mealtime not in regular intervals, because it may cause teeth damage.

Fruit smoothies

Smoothies are the favorite drinks of kids. Comparing to fruit juices smoothies are high in natural sugar, so it is better to have in limited amount. To get a whole nutritional value, it is better to have smoothies in different varieties made with whole fruit. It is not advisable to consume in concentrate mode. Smoothies are very expensive comparing to fruit juices, it is better to prepare in home. Consuming once or twice in a week is better, not in regular intervals.

Fruit squashes

Fruit squashes are high in sweet and low in nutrition. Looking for squashes it is important to check the labels for juice like varieties with low sugar. It is recommended to have only with meals.

Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks are high in sugar; people love to enjoy the taste of fizzy drinks. Colas, fruit drinks and sport drinks are having high level of additives like artificial sweetener and very low-level nutrients. Most of the fizzy drinks are sold in metal canes. Consuming too much fizzy foods which comes in metal canes can cause obesity, skin problems, bad teeth, poor concentration and lowered bone density in adolescent girls. It is better to consume fizzy drinks in small amount and try to consume fruit juices in large amount.


If you are looking for a best health drink, plain milk is a wonderful choice. There are vital vitamins and minerals in plain milk, and it will not affect tooth. It is advisable to children’s under age 2 should consume sufficient whole plain milk. And this is acceptable to move on to semi-skimmed milk with the regular diet. Flavored milk is also suitable for kids, and it should be consumed , because it may contain over sugar. Avoid consuming flavored milk regularly and it is better to consume occasionally with meal.


Water is the best health drink for everyone. It is important to consume more and more water during the day. Make a habit of providing water bottle to your kids wherever they go. Instead of having fruit juices, milk, smoothies and fizzy drinks it is better to have water during the day. If you are not interested in plain water, you can have a slice of lemon or a pinch of fruit juice to get better taste.

Healthy Drinks for Kids
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