Healthy Lunch for Your Kids

lunch-kids5Like breakfast lunch is also important to maintain good health. It helps a lot to be active during the day. It is important that having good lunch will help you to be active in a classroom. If you had heavy lunch it leads to feel sleepy and you can not be active during the day. Fully filled stomach will not help you to concentrate on the class, because it will growl. It is better to select a healthy food instead of having fast foods which also it costs more.

The following foods are very suitable for kids to fill with their lunch boxes.

  • Starchy Food
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Proteins


It is necessary to have proteins in our regular food. Ham is the best-recommended protein. You should be very careful while selecting meat; it should be lean and unprocessed. Chicken is also a good protein food. Cheese is the most famous source of protein for kids, but it should be under limit, because the fat content is very high in cheese. Cottage cheese is better than other kind of cheese. Fish has lots of protein; fish like tuna is a favorite food for children. We can serve with pepper or sweet corn.

From the vegetarian side, pulses are best protein source. The combination of chickpeas and kidney beans are good for health. Tofu has a bunch of proteins, good for particularly those who love to be a vegetarian. Full boiled eggs, peanuts and other nuts contain high level of protein.

Starchy Foods

Sandwiches are the most common lunch and healthy also. White bread is not good for health. Looking for bread it is better have whole meal flour, if not make sandwiches with one slice of white bread and other with whole meal flour. It is the best lunch which consists seed or oat, topped whole meal rolls, whole meal bread with poppy seeds or nuts. You can get wholesome protein from brown rice salads or pasta salads with wholegrain pasta. Apart from rice it is important to consume vegetables in large amount, because vegetables are rich in fiber.

Pizza is one among best lunches, which is loved by everyone. Even for pizza it is better to consume wholegrain pizza. Oatcakes, rice cakes and corn cakes are the best lunch particularly with wholegrain. Avoid flavored cakes, because it may contain salt flavor.


Fruits play a very important role in lunch. It is better to have apples, oranges and grapes in regular intervals. To have a better lunch dry fruits like apricot, pear and raisins should take place in your regular lunch. Bananas are the real energy producers. It is better to have bright color bananas in regular lunch.

You can have your lunch in different ways by filling cubed melon or watermelon, raspberries, stewed apple with cinnamon, raspberries, diced peach and stewed dried apricots in some small sealable pot.


Vegetables also help a lot to prepare healthy lunch. Vegetable sandwich is the best lunch and all age group people love it. Cabbage or grated carrot, finely chopped peppers and sliced cucumber should take place in your sandwich. It is better to have hummus and it should be home made. Carrot sticks, sugar snap, celery, mange tout, cherry tomatoes and all color peppers are suitable for healthiest lunch. It is must that soup should take place in everyday lunch, and it can be a soup of any vegetables.

Milk/Dairy Foods

Milk is a well known health drink. Flavored milk and ice-cooled milk are everyone’s favorite. It is better to avoid consuming flavor milk regularly as they are artificially flavored and sweetened. Yogurt and cheese are good for health and you can eat in your regular lunch.

Healthy Lunch for Your Kids
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