Healthy Super Foods for Better Living

It is important to choose your diet and select the suitable healthy food to lead a healthy life. Among foods there are some special food items with some essential qualities, which are referred as healthy super foods. From the below given list you can able to understand what are all the super foods and their benefits.


SalmonSalmon is the best food, which can be substitute for meat. It is possible to get the entire benefits of omega 3 fatty acids from Salmon. Research conducted by American Heart Association, proved with effective and scientific evidence that Salmon is being one of the Super foods for more than 100 years. Eating fish regularly is very important to maintain the health, and it is better to have salmon twice a week to stay fit.


Walnut is the best plant source food that contains high fiber, protein, walnutvitamin B and magnesium. You can find high-level antioxidant like Vitamin E in walnuts.   Commonly nuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids and plant sterols. Walnut contains the higher quantity of omega 3 fatty acids compared to other nuts. FDA has approved walnut is one of the best sources to prevent heart related problems.

Dark Greens

dark-greensYou can get the benefits of Vitamin A and C, phyto nutrients, iron and calcium from the dark green vegetables like chard, broccoli, kale, green beans, collard greens and asparagus. These dark green vegetables are rich in fiber. Consuming dark green vegetable in a recommended portion will help you to maintain your heart healthy and control your weight. It is better to have 4 servings of green fresh vegetables every day.


Pomegranate came into the super food list before two years. Pomegranate isPomegranate rich in anthocyanins, tannins and polyphenols – the major antioxidants. It is better to consume pomegranate in juice form, because the antioxidant level in pomegranate is very higher than other fruit juices, tea and red wine. It is accepted that pomegranate juice helps to reduce the cholesterol level. If you are a severe patient of blood pressure and having high-level bad cholesterol, the only remedy is to drink pomegranate juice every day for one year to get the positive result. Most of the studies proved that consumption of 1.5 ounces of pomegranate juice make big difference in avoiding most of the health related problems.

Flax Seeds

Flex seeds are the best plant source that presents the high-level vegetarian omega 3 fatty acid. Flex seeds are very effective for heart related problems. It contains most of the useful combination such as fiber and the antioxidant called phytoestrogen. The participation of flex seed is very effective in preventing cancer especially breast cancer.

Healthy Super Foods for Better Living
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