Heart Attacks are More Common in Blacks

heart-attacks-jpgIn a unique long-term study to notice the life threatening conditions in younger adults, researchers founded that black adults develop 20 percent more heart diseases than white population and one in every hundred black population gets heart attack before the age of 50.

This is too early to say black patients have higher rate of heart diseases because findings based on a very small number of congestive heart failure and more study is needed to sustain the evidences. But these findings force doctors to treat black patients with more cautions who may have higher risk.

This is a disease of older patients but when it starts to occur in middle age people, it’s quite astonishing. Heart failure occurs when heart muscles get weak and unable to pump the sufficient blood out of the heart. Though it is a life threatening situation but, not always. Sometimes it results into edema, shortness of breath and fatigue.

Previous studies focused on the older patients which showed two to three time higher heart failure rates in black. But this study of 5,100 blacks when they were 18 to 20 years old showed that people who developed heart diseases were black of age 50 and five black died of the disease after 27 years, when the study was got started.

Another problem that researchers noticed that diagnosed hypertensive black ignore the conditions and left untreated or poorly controlled in three out of four patients which represents the ignorance of both doctors and patients. The treatment of heart diseases need to be effective and within the reach. Doctors have to follow up with the patients and if they are skipping doses address the complications with them.

Heart Attacks are More Common in Blacks
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