Home Treatment for Acne

Treatment for Acne

There are many types of acne home treatments that can be practiced well at home for maximum effect.

AcneUsing organic, fresh and natural home treatments are way better than going for things that are loaded with chemicals. There happens to be different types of acne with each kind taking different durations to be cured and healed. Something that is very effective on acne is an avocado mask. One can make it through evenly mixing a very ripe avocado with a little water.

The consistency should be thick and so very little water should be added. This becomes a very good facial mask as the avocado oil is very helpful in penetrating the skin without making the sebaceous glands overactive. This is one of the most beautiful benefits of avocado. Avocado is used in different cosmetic items. Their oil is rich in Vitamin E and other vitamins. The mask is nourishing as well as cleansing. If you have acne, your skin will certain start clearing up and glowing with health when you use this mask daily.

This mask should be made with fresh avocadoes only as the skin items bought from stores would have added chemicals which might not be bringing the highest benefit of the fruit. Even if you do not have acne this mask is awesome to give you the glow no matter what skin type you may be having!

Oatmeal mask is another kind of mask that can be used to cure acne or any skin infection for that matter. Take a couple of finely ground oatmeal and mix it with warm water to reach the desired thickness. But then don’t eat it! Let the mixture cool a bit and then apply it to face. Leave for several minutes and as it dries gently scrub off the mixture in circular manner.

Home Treatment for Acne
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