Immunization Gap Minimizing Between Rich and Poor’s Kids

immunization-kidsResults of a new study indicate that more and more children from poor American families are being vaccinated these days and immunization gap between rich and poor families’s kids has considerably shrunk.

The study also points towards some disappointing results considering the huge disparity in protecting against tetanus, cough and diphtheria between the different classes of society.

The study has been published in the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine May issue. According to the researchers more and more families with low incomes are getting their kids vaccinated at time for almost all vaccines.

Noticing the disparity between high and low income families’ kids, the researchers found that the gap was getting narrower for three vaccines, and it was enhancing for DTap vaccine.

Dr. Mark Diamond, a pediatrician at Pittsburgh Kids Hospital, says in this connection: “Though some progress has been made, yet we can see a long way ahead and we are quite hopeful to achieve further progress for timely vaccination and we need to improve health care systems and increasing the awareness of the parents for kids program.”

It was in 1994 when Kids Vaccine Program (VCP) was formed with the very aim to offer low-cost or free vaccines for low-income kids. VCP was established in 1989-191-91 after measles resurgence in some parts of the country. Children from minorities were particularly affected the kids from minorities.

In their study, which includes 232,000 children, the researchers found that most of kids from low-income families are getting timely vaccination.

Immunization Gap Minimizing Between Rich and Poor’s Kids
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