Irwin Mitchell: Things You Must Remember While Filing an Accident Claim

irwin-mitchellIf you have been a part of an accident, whether on the road, office or any place else, you should seek the aid of the accident claim solicitor. Accident claim solicitor has the essential experience and skill necessary for handing your claim.

There are several types of accidents: school accidents, accident at work, accidents from ingesting bad products, accidents happening due to other’s negligence.

It would come as a relief to you, if you wish to know that there are lawyers specifically handling such claims.

When filing accident claims, there are things that you must remember:

  • Have medical attention for injuries, which you’ve sustained. When at hospital, ask doctors to describe your injury’s nature. You’ll need this information while filing accident claims. It should be followed by having a record of the accident details, which include the injury nature. Actual place & time, equipments used and steps taken following your accident, all such details provide useful information.
  • Photos also prove to be great evidence. It tells the authority that accident actually happened. They prove that it wasn’t apparently your fault.
  • If eye-witnesses of the accident are available, find their contact detail. You might need them for verifying your story or shedding more light of the accident. You can also get a case number from police officials, in case your accident was filed. You should also get the insurance detail of offending party.
  • Keep a record of every expense incurred, which was related to the accident. They will prove to be an essential document when deciding the amount you are entitled to receive.
  • Avoid delaying the filing of your accident claim. You must file within the three years of the accident date.

It is an advantage, in case you find competent accident solicitors for representing your case, as good solicitors can help you in winning the case and ensuring a high reimbursement, which you deserve. To find more information on accident claim, pay a visit to

Irwin Mitchell: Things You Must Remember While Filing an Accident Claim
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