Is Cholesterol A Friend Or A Foe?



This substance acts as your friend when it is in control. Generally your body has 150 grams of cholesterol contributing to 0.2% of your whole body weight. This acts as a foe when it crosses this level. Excess of this molecule leads to heart ailments such as heart failure, heart attack or even coronary heart ailment. By considering its positive and negative sides it’s very difficult to conclude whether this substance remains a friend or foe in disguise.

It depends upon the rates of cholesterol flowing inside your body. So if you are having high cholesterol then it is your enemy whereas if it’s on the other side it’s your perfect friend for life.

What are the ways to lower your cholesterol level?

There are several ways to lower your cholesterol rate. For that you should consume only small amount of oily food, reduce the absorption of dairy including meat products and also practice regular exercises including bodily movements.

You can control the blood cholesterol levels by dropping the alcohol. You can increase HDL-cholesterol by exercise.

What are the types of cholesterol available?

There are two types available namely High Density Levels and Low Density Levels. It is better if you have upper density cholesterol than poorer density cholesterol because it may lead to certain heart as well as liver related ailments. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol), when present in surplus may cause to atherosclerosis. High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-cholesterol) aids in transferring cholesterol as well as fat from the tissues to the liver to get broken down.

What are the factors that lead to cholesterol problems?

Cholesterol problems are usually genetic. Another main contributor for high cholesterol problem is your food. Saturated fat is the principal culprit along with lipid. Some of the additional factors are overweight, alcohol, age, gender and stress.

Is Cholesterol A Friend Or A Foe?
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