Making of Green Tea

great-flavor-green-teeMaking of green tea is an art; the concentration and dedication should be there while making the green tea. The below mentioned instructions will help you to prepare an ideal cup of green tea.

Choosing Teapots:

The secret and the taste of green tea mostly depend upon the teapots, so it is very important to use an ideal teapot to prepare variety of tea. Smaller size teapots are highly recommended for preparation of high-grade teas. If you want to prepare tea with great flavor, the earthenware pots are sufficient, because it will retain the heat and flavor for a long time.

It is important to start your tea preparation with clean teapot.

Water consumption:

It is important to use quality water to get the better taste. In modern days bottled mineral water or tap water is used to prepare tea. You can find many minerals in the mineral water like calcium. There are two types of water such as hard water and soft water. Hard water consist many minerals, and soft water with fewer minerals. It is difficult to get the exact taste from the hard water, because the extraction of the tea will not happen strongly. From soft water you are not able get the perfect aroma of the tea.

If you are preparing the tea from the tap water, better boil the water and let it be cool. This is because the chlorine smell in the tap water should get treated strongly. After the treatment the chlorine smell automatically disappears, if you want to cool the water quickly, it is advisable to change the boiled water into some other container. It is not advised to prepare the tea with cold water.

Maintain the Temperature of Water:

It is better to consume the tea in perfect temperature such as not so cold and not so hot to get perfect taste and aroma. Amino acid will easily dissolve in the hot water. The prefect temperature depends upon the leaves being used to prepare tea.

The recommended temperature is in between 165F and 185F to get the perfect taste and aroma. You can get this temperature by boiling water up to 30-60 seconds.  It is advised to use only 2 grams of green tea per cup. If the water comes to perfect temperature, pour the hot water on the top of the green tea leaves. Cover up the lid and allow the green tea one or two minute’s t before serving.

Serve Immediately:

Green tea should be consumed immediately after preparation, because it will mix with air quickly, and the color of the tea will become dark. The aroma disappears and the benefits of Vitamin C totally get destroyed. This is because green tea is very sensitive to air.

Change the leaves frequently: You can change the leaves frequently to get the total benefit.

Making of Green Tea
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