Mobile phones spreading infections in hospitals

hospital-mobileThe cell phone accessories of hospital staff have been found contaminated with the resistant pathogens, including resistant strain of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) superbug.

Turkish researchers tested the hands of 200 doctors working in ICU (intensive care unit) and OT (operation theater) and inspected their cell phones for the habitat of the superbugs.

They founded, 95 percent of the cell phones were contaminated at least with the one strain of the bacterium with the potential to spread disease from skin irritation to acute infections.

In 35 percent cases, two types were common and more then eleven percent carried multiple types of bacteria. But the most shocking is every eighth handset has the MRSA, a violent strain that has become the major cause of infections in the worldwide hospitals.

Just 10 percent of the hospital staff cleaned their phone regularly, while following the guideline of hygiene for hand washing. “Cell phones act as reservoir and spread infection from person-to-person in a hospital setup,” researchers warned.

Many types of drug resistant bacteria do no harm to the healthy patients, but as soon as they get exposed in the hospital they become lethal and attack the patients. They enter in the body through catheters ventilator, nebulizer or open wounds and cause deadly diseases like community acquired pneumonia and bloodstream infection.

Researchers called for the measures should be taken to avoid such incidences, especially cell cleaning with some disinfectant solution.

Mobile phones spreading infections in hospitals
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