Natural Remedies to cure Asthma

AsthmaAsthma is a chronic lung condition that causes difficulty in breathing. This disease causes the airway around the lungs inflamed. The muscles surrounding the lungs also become tight and hinder the free flow of air. This disease is found on people of all age group including infants, children, adults and even old people. The disease is also quite common and there are medications available to cure this. But the only concern with these medications is that side effects they bring together with the cure. One such side effect that is seen in most asthma patients is acid reflux which causes serious troubles. Thus patients who undergo these medications further increase the risk of worsening their health condition.

This is not the end as there are natural cures available to cure asthma and going further we shall see some effective natural remedies that can cure asthma.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is always the first option you used to aim at rather than going for cure after the disease has gained advantage of your health. As a preventive measure you should reduce taking diary items and starchy foods as these food items are proven to increase the symptoms of asthma. You should also avoid food items that contain a lot of preservatives in them. Wearing a mask while travelling might also be a good suggestion as this would protect you from the harmful pollutants and prevents infections.

Best natural remedies to cure asthma

Taking vitamin B12 supplement pill is one of the easiest natural remedy that can help you elevate asthma. Vitamin B12 has the power to fight against the disease and taking this as a supplement will definitely cure the disease quickly. Another natural available cure is Apple Cinder Vinegar. Also known as ACV this is the most popular natural cure for asthma. You could dilute this ACV in hot water and take it after meal or before going to bed or both times and find the relief in a month time. There are also cases when people have felt the difference right after the first day of usage. ACV not only helps cure asthma, it also helps in fighting against acid reflux and allergies.

Honey has also been a valuable natural remedy for curing this disease. It is been used from olden days to cure the disease. Making the patient suffering from asthma to breathe air through a jug of honey would provide instant relief.  Among fruits, figs have a good value in curing the disease. This helps by removing the phlegm from the lungs and thus making it easy for the patient to breathe. Three or four figs can be taken after they are cleaned thoroughly and soaked in water overnight. All green leafy vegetable and tomato and carrot have also proved to cure this disease.


It is a nothing but a breathing technique that is named after its founder Pavlovic Buteyko. This is one of the natural ways of curing asthma. People using buteyko to cure asthma tend to practice shallow breathing exercises. The main mechanism behind this cure is the generation of carbon-di-oxide. This generation helps to dilate the muscles surrounding the lungs and thus makes breathing lot easier and cures asthma.

Butterbur as a cure to asthma

Butterbur is a kind of shrub that is found in Europe, North America and Asia. This shrub has all the constituents that help one to fight against asthma. This plant helps in curing asthma by reducing the spasms that are found in the smooth muscles surrounding the lungs and thus helps one to breathe without any trouble.

Natural Remedies to cure Asthma
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