Natural Ways to Treat Rosacea


Over 14 million people in the whole of North America have been reported to be suffering from rosacea. But this need not be such a problem at all with the kind of natural solutions that we do have for rosacea.

RosaceaFair skinned women particularly get affected by rosacea. Women between ages 30 to 60 are most likely the victims of rosacea. Rosacea comes with areas of redness in your face and creates tiny bumps on you as well. They can come in the forehead, chin or even your cheeks.

These small blood vessels that are triggered are called telangiectasia. They usually have a tendency to blush and give you an overall flushed appearance. The redness can also come with a bulbous look called differentrhinophyma that brings you a gritty sensation. The ones occurring in and around your eyes are called ocular rosacea that comes with some burning sensation.

Some of the natural conditions for these flushed conditions worsen with antibiotics or regular medication. Laser therapy are however helpful in cases of extreme rosacea. Some of the usual herbal processes that are used may take some time but give great results with safety and effectiveness. The reduction of flushing appearance is the first step that can be used to help rosacea. The following creams of herbal origin or natural extracts are always helpful. These are:

  • Cream from Chrysanthellum Indicum or a cream containing the herb Chrysanthellum extract: When this herbal cream is applied topically, a considerable improvement is seen in most cases. This herbal extract is known to strengthen capillaries and works very well when applied just twice a day. This is a very strong medicine that brings about reduction in conditions of rosacea in just 1% concentration in a cream form. This can be made available through homeopathy shops or herbal medicine shops. Any naturopath would be able to help with this as well.
  • Green Tea cream: Green tea proves to be wonderful for varied conditions and the treatment of rosacea is one of them. Green tea based creams are extremely helpful in giving you relief from rosacea as well as many other itchy skin syndromes. The cream must be natural 100% extract based and organic to be effective. This is extremely great in reducing the redness or the flushed skin syndrome and even reduces the postulation and red bumps. A cream containing polyphenone at 2% rate along with Green tea extract is helpful just as well. Researches and study on this cream as compared to a placebo application has proved that this cream indeed works. About 75% of patients using this cream have reported positive improvements in their rosacea.
  • Niacinamide Cream: This extract from Vitamin B3 is a great thing to be used in cases of rosacea. It improves the skin’s natural barrier to help lock the moisture as well as drive out the germs that seem to invade externally. When used with a moisturizer in a 1:1 ratio this application has been noted to be extremely positive. Several weeks of this application naturally strengthens and gives the skin a great improvement. Exploded rosacea gets controlled as well. There are many facial moisturizers too containing Niacinamide extracts that are now being used to add enhancement to skin health.
Natural Ways to Treat Rosacea
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