New Warnings from Cell Phone and Walking on the Street

A recent study has shown that students are more likely to run into accidents when they are talking on their cell phones and crossing roads.

 sImage by Alida’s Photos

We have all known that driving and using cell phone is prohibited. But then, using cell phones while walking could bring much hazard as well! On the other hand if you are listening to music while crossing the roads you may be calmer.

This does not assure that you are going to be accident free but certainly there are lesser risks as compared to the kinds who are using cell phones to talk while they are walking down the streets. There are ways to control more accidents that keep coming on the way for young people.

This new way of control should be made more mandatory in more states as this is indeed a very important message for all those concerned with better health and more accident free ways. The survey was done among young students who are more likely to use their phones or ipods while walking around. Depending on the pace of music one could however stay calmer while crossing the road but it is not certainly been recommended as those who cross without focus on their phones or ipods are always doing better!

New Warnings from Cell Phone and Walking on the Street
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