One percent U.S. teens need statins

statins-igp1Less than one percent of American kids aged 12 to 17 need lipid lowering agents usually known as statins, Dr. Earl S. Ford concluded, after reading the recommendation of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that, as young as eight years old kids can be treated with statins.

Ford, working in U.S. Public Health Services as a medical officer, has the same perplexity as many other parents on this announcement of AAP.

I remember, when the guidelines were announced, the media had provide enough coverage to them. Giant debates were conducted but i wasn’t sure that is there is any sold ground available. So I decided to study it by myself and bring out the facts.

The AAP has suggested the statins in children that have the cholesterol level above than 190 mg/dl without any other risk factor, 130 mg/dl in those with diabetes and 160mg/dl in the youngsters with the risk of smoking or obesity.

Ford gathered people on the public domain and they actively participate in the quest. Researchers concluded that statins are necessary for the less than one percent of the youngster aged 12 to 17

American Heart Association has orders specific screening tests for the youngsters who have the family history of cardiovascular diseases and hypercholesterolemia. The primary step of the new guideline for treating such patients should be the change in lifestyle that includes healthy eating and regular physical workout.

The AAP has agreed with the Ford and announced that the clinics should concentrate on changing life style of the youngsters instead of using statins as the baseline treatment to reduce bad cholesterol.

One percent U.S. teens need statins
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