Panic Attack and Their Syndromes

Panic AttackPanic attacks are possible anytime and for any person depending on their circumstances and the way their neuro center responds to any trigger that causes extreme distress. Panic attack cases and syndromes vary from person to person. So the symptoms, causes and the ways of dealing with them differ from person to person. A history of one person to another is totally different and thus the panic attack syndrome comes to be totally individual and unique. Often times self hypnosis and positive hypnosis therapies can be done to control severe panic attack.

There are varied treatments for panic attack but not the most common ones but the alternate medicine ones are the kind to likely make the biggest impacts to a person. Panic attacks are characterized by sudden feeling of terror for no apparent or real reason. Usually these reasons are not justified in a practical sense but come with syndromes that are really hard to garner with.

Sudden panic attacks like this can be so extreme that you could feel like you are nearly dying. Some people get the awful pit on the stomach feeling for no justified reasons. It could come being in a crowded place, enclosed spaces, in the presence of an animal or anywhere at all. It gets accompanied by sudden pounding of heart, restriction in breathing, chest spasms, etc.

Often times the repeated reactions happen with the same action but sometimes panic attack can just be a result of some pent up terrified feelings about something unknown or being in some unknown territory. We all know that deep breathing and relaxation can ground us back. But in case of severe panic attacks this just doesn’t seem possible enough. We have to have clinical counseling done in most cases. Breathing techniques do follow a great deal in giving us the adequate space to put control over the unknown but it also requires practice. In cases of severe panic attacks it just doesn’t go too quickly. Medical doctors say that panic attack can even cause dizziness, lightheadedness, chest pains, muscle sores, spasms, feeling of numbness, sense of getting smothered, nausea, hot flashes or sudden chills, tingling in hands or feet, dreamlike sensations, need for escaping, fear of dying, sudden fear of losing control, perceptual distortions, unimaginable horror images or thoughts, etc. It can go up to several minutes or on repeated succession for several days, disrupting your normal way of life. This way panic attack syndrome can bring you some of the most difficult times that you can think of. They can come without a warning but they had actually been building up within you for quite sometime as a trigger of some traumatic incident or some trauma related sides. It can disrupt your sleep and overall normal sense of daily life. They can bring you or lead you into high blood pressure or even heart attack. Certain medications, strong caffeine, alcohol and such stressful items for your body could just be hastening your panic attack syndrome. Often some calming herbs, medicines and avoidance of trigger food and environment can keep things in control.

Panic Attack and Their Syndromes
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