People Consuming More Alcohol Due to its TV Exposure

alcohol-consumption-habits-jgpA new study to observe the drinking behavior of young men has revealed that alcoholic portrayals on TV have a direct impact on the immediate drinking behavior of the viewers. The research found that those who had much exposure to the alcohol during movie clips and saw the adverts in breaks tended towards more drinking than the young men who were not disclosed to this.

The researcher assumed that alcoholic drinks were presented generally in a positive way which persuaded the youngsters to drink it. In order to test this assumption, the researchers set up a natural atmosphere and let the subjects to watch a movie with adverts breaks of alcohol.

The results showed that the group of the young people which watched the movie with various positive depictions of alcohol along with the commercial breaks to advert alcohol drank more than those who were less exposed to the alcoholic beverages during the same movie.

One of the researchers said, it was clearly shown by the study that portrayal of alcohol not only affect the behavior of the people by triggering the desire in the people who already use alcohol but also make them conscious to buy those brands they had seen on TV.

Its time to strive to reduce the alcoholic use in the young people, it may be wise to minimize the alcoholic exposures on TV. Furthermore, where there is a movie or TV programs and commercials which show alcohol, the availability of alcoholic beverages can be cut down, in order to save the youngsters from over drinking.

People Consuming More Alcohol Due to its TV Exposure
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