RSI injuries Still Stagnant in Industry

curable-disease-jgp-1Government has to take measures to protect workers from cumulative trauma disorder, commonly known as repetitive strain injuries (RSI), physiotherapists said.

Thought the official figures showed that, there is partial increase in the new cases of RSI, in the last six years. Employers should provide the professional health services to their employees, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy insisted. More than 200,00 persons suffer the RSI in U.K alone.

But the owners said, they are already providing the healthy facility. RSI includes a number of locomotor problems in the upper limb and neck.

Analysis of the data reveals that RSI’s were common in factory workers, health care professionals and building trades.

The team also estimated that it cost $ 440m lost of working in shape of time wastage, administration and sick pay. The team therapists are concerned because instead of improving situation is getting worse.

“With the tax relief we may then, after static of no progress, begin to see some improvement in the completely curable disease.” government officials said.

The Confederation of British Industry expressed that we are investing more money than ever in the occupational health. They are focusing on the issues of RSI and are deeply concerned about the interests of their staff.

“However, imposing a statutory condition on all employers would put an unbearable burden on businesses, especially on the small sectors, which are hardly surviving in this period of recession.”

RSI injuries Still Stagnant in Industry
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