Scrip Water Cushions Boost Neck Comfort

Scrip water cushions and pillows offer a tremendous combination of comfort and support, which is useful to many medical patients or individuals going through rehabilitation for an injury. They can be adjusted in order to apply varying degrees of support and firmness, which is very helpful to patients.

The easiest way to adjust them is to simply add or remove water from the Scrip water cushions or pillows, thus creating a firmer or softer feel that will have more give as you rest your head against it.
Due to the responsiveness of the Scrip water cushions, they offer more cervical support and will mold to the neck and head area more effectively, thus easing the burden on the neck muscles while one is sleeping.

The Scrip water cushions and pillows range from just over $25 to nearly $80, due to the availability of different sizes and qualities of pillow. Scrip water cushions use a layer of polyester fiber with a thread count of 300 in order to provide a great deal of comfort while utilizing the therapeutic cushions. The material is hypoallergenic, to prevent any other medical problems, and can be described as luxurious in feel. In addition, a thermal insulation around the water layer helps the temperature to stay put as opposed to leaking out.

Cervical Support
One of the biggest reasons to try Scrip water cushions is that they offer better cervical support while sleeping. This means that the neck is going to be aided in terms of carrying the load of the head while one is resting, which is good for relaxed muscles. By contouring to the neck, the Scrip water cushion offers consistent support that is responsive as the individual turns his or her head while sleeping. Clinical studies have shown that it makes a difference and reduces the pain and discomfort felt. That support can come in handy for people dealing with a recent injury, an old injury or simply those looking for some extra support.

Different Sizes
The selection of sizes ranges from a travel sized Chiroflow waterbase pillow up to a 20-inch by 28-inch pillow that fits into a standard sized pillowcase. There is also the narrower ScripHessco water pillow that measures 26 inches by 15 inches, and may provide improved support due to more of the mass of the pillow managing to get under the neck area because it is narrower.
Different Materials

The Mediflow Down Plus Waterbase Pillow offers a cushion of hypoallergenic down, which is outside of the water layer in order to enhance comfort. There Is also a thermal insulator in order to hold in the temperature.

Because it is still filled up with the amount of water that one prefers, the pillow’s firmness can be adjusted. More water will make it firmer, while less water makes it softer. The pillow may feel a bit more supportive and sturdy due to the layer of down, which insulates the water from the head and neck of the customer. This pillow is 20 inches by 28 inches, meaning that it can be placed in a standard sized pillowcase or a queen sized pillowcase.

The cover for this version of a water pillow is made out of pure cotton with a thread count of 230.

Option to Test it Out First
The Chiroflow Mini Demo Pillow, which is only $1.99, offers customers the opportunity to sample one of the water pillows. It can be filled up to varying degrees and then felt to determine whether the support and pressure are worthwhile and capable of providing neck relief.

Scrip Water Cushions Boost Neck Comfort
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