Some practicable tips to prevent panic attacks

panic-attacks-jpg1Panic attacks are the sudden arousal of overwhelming fear that overwhelms oneself without any warning and obvious trigger. These are usually associated with agoraphobia and to have the fear of being trapped in a bad situation having no escape.

Usually panic attacks are not considered dangerous but they can be a cause to lead towards any serious problems and complications like depression, substance abuse, phobias and medical complications.

The symptoms of the onset of panic attacks includes raging heartbeat, dizziness, trembling, choking, tingling and fear of going to be crazy or about to die. The people having panic attacks frequently stop going outside with friends and try to avoid social gatherings as much as they can.

In spite of becoming all alone one can overcome one’s panic attacks by visiting any good and capable psychiatrist or physician. A lot of research has been done and still going on to cure panic attacks .Here are some tips and techniques those can help the sufferers.

  • Consistence is the key to be successful in every field. So stick to your treatment and don’t get bored after trying the techniques to prevent yourself from panic attacks.
  • Try to be social with those having the same problem will arouse the feeling of not an alone victim of panic attacks.
  • Caffeine, alcohol and illicit drugs which can be a catalyst in panic attacks.
  • Having sufficient sleep will eliminate the state of drowsiness while working.
  • Don’t stuff your mind with extra burden. Avoid becoming too much obligatory. Do care your relations and the people around you but as much as you easily can.
  • Approach of be proactive helps the sufferers of panic attacks to cope with their fear of meeting people.
  • Set your priorities according to what suits you because you can’t please everyone.
  • Don’t compete and compare yourself with anyone, be happy on others success and they will celebrate your achievements.
  • There is always room for improvement so take challenges in a healthy way.
  • Research has shown that exercise is helpful to prevent yourself from mental and emotional disorders so along with medication exercise should be done.
  • Prepare yourself for enduring setbacks and failures. Life is a blend of success and failure.
  • Meditation is also found very helpful to cure panic attacks by leaving peaceful and calming effects on the emotional and physical stability.
  • Try to stay in the present in spite of having the fears of future or going to be trapped in any bad situation.
  • Face panic attacks by accepting these not to run away from the problem. Assure yourself that you can overcome it.
  • Aside from self supporting steps to prevent and cure panic attacks there is medical aid includes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and the benzodiazepine families approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat panic attacks.
  • Medications from the group tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) are also used for panic attacks but SSRIs have been found safer and better tolerated.
  • One thing to remember, always go under medication in the supervision of some,,,.
Some practicable tips to prevent panic attacks
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