Stroke Cavities Have Filled With Stem Cells

stroke_jpg-333333333333333333331Scientists have developed a supportive framework of stem cells to fill up the cavities of brain caused by the stroke. The study has been conducted in rats by inserting biological decomposable balls laden with stem cells that replaced the damaged brain tissue within one week.

The team is now making preparations to insert the stem cells in human to replace the blood vessels of the brain damaged due to stroke, but there are still lots of things to consider before trying it in the stroke survivors, scientists said.

Previous research showed some improvement but due to the lack of scaffold the stem cells were enable to reach at the targeted place. To counter this problem, scientists developed the tiny polymer balls and loaded them with stem cells.

Then researchers injected the thousands of these tiny balls in the damaged area of the brain in stroke survivors. This framework helped the neural stem cells to reconstruct the blood vessels and filled the cavity.

“This technique really works because these tiny balls can be injected with very fine needles and they adopt the shape of the cavity. Through this process stem cells get connected with the other others and star the formation of new tissues,” study leader Dr Mike Modo said.

Researchers noted, the injected stem cells migrated along the gallows to start the formation of neural tissues similar to the host brain

“This study is translating the realistic treatments with stem cell. But it is still in the initial phases of research and much research is needed before practicing it in humans,” Joe Korner

Stroke Cavities Have Filled With Stem Cells
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