Swine Flu-a Glance

Swine-FluSwine Flu has taken life of four persons in Arizona and six in Mexico and the total round up figure across the world is 108. The best pharmaceutical company in the world has now come up with a H1N1 vaccine.

The vaccine makers of French Pharmaceutical Company, Sanofi Pasteur has confirmed that the seed virus for the disease was given by USA. They have started breeding that virus for about two weeks, in order to prepare vaccine after studying about them.

Once the vaccine is declared successful, they will get into mass production. They have also added that the first set of vaccine can make its presence after months of hard work.

President and CEO of Sanofi Pasteur, Wayne Pisano said that as we are committed to protect human health we are leaning forward to thoroughly understand the behavior of the seed virus provided and come out with the right vaccine.

Though WHO hasn’t emphasized on the making of swine flu vaccine , around the world, people have started working on it as it’s a great business where making hay while the sunshine adage applies. Some Experts gear down the above people spirit by saying that vaccines are not required for swine flu as it is a mild one.

More than 14000 instances of swine flu are witnessed across the globe and have taken away lives of kids and teens too. On the other hand people also add that the severity of the disease has come down and not the toll reports as they depend on backlog patients.

Swine Flu-a Glance
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